Thursday, December 25, 2008

Has Corporate America Lost It's Mind?

I make a living explaining what people are saying to each other but that is usually in face to face conversations. What I have been observing on television as to what the commercials are saying....? I have been the type of person who can be moved to tears, laughter and indignation and usually give very little thought to what the "sellers" are trying to "sell" but lately that has been all I can focus on...

Target Stores has had two commercials for the holiday season... The first one was short-lived and briefly showed a kid dressed in blue as an "interpreter for the Deaf " for the school play hawking merchandise disguised as costumes from Target. I don't know why it disappeared so quickly... could it be that people were upset that a kid was "working" as an interpreter, signing the school show instead of playing or acting? Sure brought up memories from my childhood.

They quickly replaced the Target ad with a new staged production with no children doing any sign language... hmmm.... you can see the second one here...

Then there's that Car insurance-- a game show-- What is the "contestant" thinking?--What do I win? or qualify for? Hope they don't find out about my DUI or two fender benders from last year.... ? They are trying to give the impression that we can win status as a good driver instead of what we actually earned by driving safely.... : Here is the commercial-

I have to give props to InfoMania on Current TV for their segment called Target:Women... Their weekly insights on how to advertise towards women is on the money as well as very funny... Of course, the observation provided by Sarah Haskins after the clip of the guy using sign language for the Kay Jewelers bit is the same response that I have had, along with hundreds of my CODA brothers and sisters have had as well.... Watch this clip here:

I am going to continue to share my observations of what the corporate world is trying to "teach" us as well as share my insights as a person who grew up with Deaf Parents and was relied upon to interpret my world view and explain why others had a differering world views.

Looking forward to learning and sharing and growing with you all....



  1. I am very happy to see you have started a blog. Kudos to you. I look forward to your future postings.

  2. Yeah, looking forward to more. I, too, was wondering WTF!? after the questionable-verging-on-gratuitous uses of sign language in recent Christmas commercials for Target and jewelry marketing. Sell Sell Sell!!! no matter the consequences! : (

  3. Hard to tell if it is a mild corporate attempt at awareness or just "The Man" trying to capture the almighty dollar of sensitivity!

  4. I don't watch commercials. Tivo and the mute button FTW!